this moment

this moment

This moment

lindy and wafer

and just to carry on

wording thoughtlessly

unplotting the scheme of things

and this time quiet street

listening to silvery listz

prematurely thinking ahead to the now of a minute

still to be written into the fabric of unsense and ability

grounded in my hot milk and today

like i could you not say that again

this moment

research this moment

and ask all the questions relevant

and then the door bell rang

could see a funny person with a clipboard

so unrespond

what if there’s cctv at the door

alarming under VvVvV

go over the words that I am talking about

I think the listz talking over me now

bounce 4 years on

what’s that word for her sake

the unknowable transforming point

433 little poems
fictive autobiographical gazing
through the piano looking glass

no 98

Virginia Aurora Scott 2015

Eyes Completely Open

eyes completely open

Eyes Completely Open: Virginia Scott

Originally written for oboist Katherine Pluygers and workshopped at COMA. Later recorded by oboist Jennifer Porcas.

This piece is dedicated to David Bowie as it contains a thematic fragment from the song Absolute Beginners.


Virginia Scott in 1976 at dinner with David Bowie and others San Francisco 1977- Hyatt Regency  photo.




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moving long sentence

moving long sentence


she went together

with the soft smile

up until she

could not see

under these roots and rocks

slow moving cloud

grey pressing into the


true tree

touching the trembling schist


cheek peach perfect

lowering of the limp shores

increasingly enclothed

in a shifting

step over your bend as you keel over

lyrical core

pressing a beginning

of a lang lark songlet

serene says sucking

undulating rain dropping

river runnels


silence feathers

just there

right there

in the just there

Virginia Aurora Scott

15/4/ 2016