Amerta Art Patio

 A Film by Virginia Aurora Scott

When Sarah Hyde, my Amerta Movement tutor, first suggested a project to me in October 2016, my default was to think piano. But what was to emerge was an art project with camera work, which I had already been contributing to our movement group sessions.
6 of my abstract canvases inspired by my musical improvisation work were set free in my small town garden patio movement space, to be in nature and ambient sound.
This film has been compiled from the many images and films recorded since that time to the present day, witnessing the journey so far.

the unfilming canvas body

the unfilming canvas body
video art
virginia aurora scott

an ongoing methodological unfilming process moving towards reducing the imaging resonance of deep recurring unresolved memory complexities at meaningful locations and listening to the subsequent emerging repositioned inner harmonic reverberations

unfilming at meaningful locations overlaying a blank canvas length over

piano studio

meaningful locations

scot’s bay llanstephan west wales
garn goch brecon beacons carmarthenshire wales
sawdde river llangadog west wales
garden llandeilo wales
piano studio llandeilo wales